Our Services

Current Teaching Series:


Jan. 18: Stand Out

Jan. 25: Stand Up

Feb. 1: Stand Strong

Feb. 8: Stand in Faith

Feb. 15: Stand Firm in the Fire


There are several different reasons why folks prefer the Early Service.  We offer a less-formal worship service for those who may have a T-shirt and jeans wardrobe.  It meets early for those who have a full, Sunday schedule, but don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to worship their Savior!  The service is a few minutes shorter than the traditional worship service so think short on quantity, but not on quality!  Some folks enjoy the use of multi-media on the big screen during worship which brings a modern touch to worship.  Whatever your reason, we hope you will find the service right for you!


Traditional Worship is the kind of worship many people think about when they think of church. Traditional Worship offers a worship experience that is thoughtful and uplifting.  Drawing on the rich heritage of liturgy and church music enjoyed over centuries, this service is rooted in the ancient practices that give life to the spirit and connect the worshiper to God.  Our Traditional Worship services seek to combine an artistic use of language with contemporary ideas.  We seek to worship God with creativity and awe.


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