Happy 160th Anniversary
First Christian Church (D.O.C.)
of Trenton
December 1853 – 2013
 (an excerpt from the History of the FCC of Trenton – Its Origin and Growth)
“In the year 1853, came Thomas P. Haley, the Christian minister, preaching in the wilderness of Grundy, on the banks of the Grand River, in the village of Trenton, saying, ‘repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.’  He also presented the Bible alone as a basis for all Christians to unite on.” (from Haley’s writings)
As written by the late Nadine Hall…
Surely, we can do no less than those who have gone before us to keep the flame going–that zeal–that sharing and caring for each other that shows the Spirit that Haley spoke about.  If we lose it, our strength will rapidly weaken.  The people are the church!  We will go where YOU take us!

FCC Receives Evangelism Award in 2013
In a joint project of the Office of Evangelism of  Disciples Home Missions and the Year Book Office of the Christian Church (D.O.C.), First Christian Church of Trenton has been awarded an “Excellence in Evangelism Award” for its excellence in evangelism during 2012 in the baptism of 11 persons into our congregation.  The award states “as you have shared the Good News of Jesus Christ and demonstrated God’s love so that others may of their own accord confess their faith and be joined with the faithful through the waters of baptism, the Christian Church (D.O.C.) in the U.S. and Canada recognizes you for being in the top 10 percent of congregations in your size in the number of persons brought to faith.”

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