About Us

Our Core Valuesthe collective assumptions, frequently unspoken, that establish our priorities and by which we establish what really matters in our life of faith.

Hope (as the content both of our character and our witness)

Inclusiveness (including those who are different from us)

Love (demonstrated in a fellowship of compassion and mutual respect)

Trust (even when the way is unclear) in ourselves, in each other and in God

Integrity (living on the basis of what we say we believe)

Our Bedrock BeliefsThe verbalized principles, symbols and stories that give expression to our Core Values, and that define the basis upon which we live as servants of Christ. It is to these beliefs that we turn for stability in times of crisis.

• We have no tests of faith or of fellowship—no hoops to jump through—beyond the “Good Confession” that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God, and the acknowledgement of Him as Lord and Savior.

Our Motivating Visionthe way we see ourselves growing into God’s call to be a faithful, growing church.

• The greatest challenge presented to us by our culture is the diverse values—often mutually contradictory—held by the generations alive today.

• As demonstrated by their absence in church life, most people born after 1965 cannot connect with the values of a church built—and now protected—by those born prior to 1965.

Our Purposethe key activities through which we honor and glorify God in the midst of a spiritually yearning, institutionally disillusioned public.

• Service to God and to God’s people is what establishes the integrity of our life and faith. It is the reason we exist.

• Our specific purpose will emerge out of our Values, Beliefs and Vision, in combination with the cumulative pattern of our people’s spiritual gifts.

• Where our people’s gifts and the needs of the community cross or connect, there our Purpose will be discovered.

Click here to read more about the Christian Church Disciples of Christ: http://disciples.org/


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